About RegionalCenter.org

What is a Regional Center? Often times parents have not heard about regional centers until they are referred by a physician, school, hospital, teacher, social worker, other parent, etc., for a diagnosis and assessment. Once their child is found eligible they don't know what to expect as they struggle with the news that their child has a developmental disability or delay.

RegionalCenter.org is a site devoted to the developmental disibilities community that focuses on resource exposure. Our goal is to centralize all things related to Regional Centers, Vendors, and related resources to effectively provide the developmental disibilities population with their needs. Collective Social Services is the service provider that's driving RegionalCenter.org's efforts towards acheiving the goal off total resource and information exposure. Today's world is overwhelming with a wealth of information and consumers find it difficult to find the services they need. Our purpose is to bring vendors and services of high quality to the reach of consumers in a way that is simple and effective.

In collaboration, RegionalCenter.org and Collective Social Services is designed to:

  • Assist parents of infant, children, or adults with developmental disabilities navigate their way through regional center community services and vendors.
  • Gain information about the vendors in their community.
  • Read about their child's developmental disability/diagnosis.
  • Learn about their rights under the Department of Developmental Services and Lanterman Act.
  • Develop relationships with other parents who share similar experiences and provide family support.

Above all, Collective Social Services will allow parents to connect with other parents or caregivers that have recently been eligible for regional center services. It will allow parents to share their child's diagnosis, treatment, inspirational stories, concerns, resources, and experience with regional center vendors.